Bespoke Joinery

At Grovewood Joinery we specialise in bespoke joinery manufacture & installation across both residential & commercial sectors. We collaborate with great interior designers, architects and construction companies ensuring all the sides of the project can achieve their goals without the compromise on the idea.

Joinery Services.

We have years of collated experience across residential & commercial projects. We specialise in collaboration with interior designers, architects and property developers in ensuring the final result of the project can meet even the highest requirements of private clients.


Our experienced team will get the very best out of your space with bespoke joinery, intelligent use of space, and a wide range of high-end finishes and materials to ensure the final result reflects your idea. Our employees can advise on any atypical space and its best use.

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Our experience of completing complex, high-quality fit-outs for all kinds of commercial environments (hospitality, retail, office space) means you can rest assured your project is in safe hands from day one.

Why Choose Grovewood?

Our joinery is truly bespoke. We cater to your exact requirements whilst offering expert advice to ensure you are getting the most out of your designs aesthetically and financially.

Here are three other reasons we differ from other joinery companies:

We ask the right questions.

From day one we work closely with you to find out what you want to achieve with your project, getting you the final result you’re hoping for.

We work with industry pros.

We collaborate closely with skilled designers, architects, other craftsmen and premium suppliers throughout the project to ensure you get seamless results.

We respect property&privacy.

We take care of every place we work, using best-in-class technology and best practice to protect every structure and surface.

We have complex experience.

Working closely with construction companies, architects, interior designer we understand how to organise our work to fit into bigger and more complex projects from the managerial perspective.

We are eco.

We do our best to minimalise our impact on the environment. We can ensure the usage of environmental-friendly materials such as certified, sustainably sourced wood or water-based paints.

We have B2B experience.

We know how to work in a business environment and how to focus on our partners’ project success.

High-Quality Materials.

Whatever look you are after, we can help match your vision.  We have numerous samples to browse at our workshop in Wembley, and if we don’t have an example of what you need, we can mock something up so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

If we don’t do a specific finish in-house, we have numerous trusted contacts who share our high-end ethos for materials and finishes.

Plus, we can advise on suitable alternatives if your project is starting to exceed budget.

Here are some examples of high-end detailing we often get asked to implement:

  • Brass / Bronze inlays
  • Leather layered panelling
  • Mirrored panels
  • Designer Handle installation
  • Wallpapered panels
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How Do We Work?

We want to keep our process at seamless as possible. This generally means that if there is a good flow of open communication between us, we can achieve great things together. 

These are the 4 steps that take us from beginning to end:

1. Have a Discussion

Whether this happens in person (preferred) or over the phone, we like to find out the finer details of your project and go over your technical drawings with a fine tooth-comb.

2. Estimation

Once we have all your detail, we will provide you with an estimate for the works. At this stage we can go over suitable alternatives if you need help managing your budget.

3. Begin the Works

Once all details are confirmed, we can start work on your project. We build everything in-house at our own workshop, so we have complete control of our lead times.

4. Installation

If this is something we have agreed, we will work together to find a suitable time to install the joinery. We have a highly experienced team of fitters who are tidy and efficient.


Get in Touch

We’re always delighted to talk about your project. Just drop us a line and we’ll talk you through anything you need.

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