Large London Apartment Renovation

Going further than joinery with this large London apartment renovation.

The work on this large, 432sq meter apartment was one of our joinery-led construction projects. We worked with Interior Designer Stephanie Rackind to completely transform this London home into something truly special for the family moving in. Everyone involved in the project had to be suitably adaptable to ensure that the final outcome not only respected Stephanie’s and the client’s vision, but was also put together and finished in such a way that was quality and would be endure everyday use.



Across the project we completed all joinery items, including doors, wardrobes, windows and the kitchen. All of the designs were supplied to us by the designer, and it was up to us to ensure that the client would receive a high-end finish to the joinery.


One of the main complications was working around the existing air-conditioning units in the apartment. Not only did some need to be replaced or removed, but some had to be incorporated into some of the joinery units. Incorporating existing air-conditioning units is never straight forward, and a lot of time was put into ensuring the design of the wardrobes not only allowed for the air-con to work efficiently, but that they didn’t lose any functional and precious storage space.



Our joinery-led construction approach means we can take on projects that require some building works. Our team has years of experience in the construction industry and bring a deep knowledge on projects similar to this one. Some of the works we completed included:
  • Replacement of floors throughout the apartment
  • Decoration throughout
  • Opening up walls and moving doors to increase room sizes; & closing some doors/walls.
  • Complete bathroom & kitchen remodelling
  • All electrics & plumbing
  • Some window adjustments
This short list is an example of some of the works Grovewood can bring to a project without the need to find other tradespeople.


This amazing apartment is situated on the third floor in their building, and logistics had to be managed smartly in terms of materials delivery, waste removal and joinery delivery. We were not permitted to use the lifts in the building, so we had to protect the communal staircases. We complied with all the rules provided by the building management, ensuring working hours restrictions were in place and restricted time on loud works.


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Take a tour of the completed apartment…

Working with Coronavirus

The final month of work on this project was going on during the terrible Coronavirus crisis. This of course led to serious difficulties across many areas for our industry. Many suppliers closed their doors and many companies had significantly  increased wait times on materials. This came at a bad time as the client needed to move into their new home and had nowhere else to stay at that time. Our team worked around the clock to ensure that the client wasn’t left without anywhere to stay during that difficult time.


We ensured that our team was fully compliant with Government guidelines during the crisis, making sure all necessary risk assessments for COVID-19 were carried out. Our team took all social distancing requirements seriously and we supplied cars to our workers to ensure they could stay separate and avoid public transport.

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Hallway stained glass

white bespoke wardobes

wardrobe led interior

traditional wardrobes

diamond wardrobes

bathroom renovation london

bespoke green kitchen

bespoke internal door

bespoke wardrobes

curved windows

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