Why is sustainable wood furniture a big thing in 2021?

Sustainably sourced woodThe environmental crisis is one of the biggest challenges which humanity faces. It may seem that we could be affected by the effects of climate change in many years, but it is already our reality. We see this in the example of temperature changes, rainfalls, severe weather conditions, rising sea levels, pollution, and dangers to the wildlife. Environmental issues are a global problem which means that none of the countries can solve them on their own. There is a need for international collaboration.

Sustainable product alternatives.

The UK aims to reduce carbon emission by 68% by 2030. This ambitious objective sets the UK as a leader of the environmental revolution.


Since “environmental-crisis” became a buzzword many businesses noticed that focusing on ecological materials could be a good business decision. Almost all of the products have their “green” alternative now. The same in the case of furniture and homeware. This alternative is usually represented by products made of wood.

Sustainable wood furniture.

Furniture made out of sustainably sourced woodGreat responsibility belongs to the woodworking industry: carpenters, joineries and many other companies processing wood for the needs of private customers or the green construction industry. Many companies already promote products made of wood as environmentally friendly.

There are many reasons why wooden floors, stairs, doors, wardrobes and others are better for the environment than other alternatives:

  • wood processing does not require as much energy as in the case of many other materials such as steel or aluminium,
  • wood is great for thermal insulation and wins being compared to steel, brick or even concrete,
  • every time wood is used instead of non-renewable materials, it saves the usage of fossil fuels,
  • wood can be sourced sustainably which means that on the place of every piece used for the industry needs, another one can be planted,
  • wood requires very little to grow – just sunlight and water,
  • wood is very adaptable as a product and can be used in the woodworking industry widely. It is also easily recyclable and can be even reworked into another project or refurbished (so-called “waste wood”).



Here we reached a very important conclusion that wood material is, in general, good for the environment but it is the best for the environment when it is sourced responsibly. Without planting more trees, production based on wooden materials could only accelerate the speed of climate change.

Sustainable wood certification.

More and more companies from the woodworking industry pay attention to how the wood is sourced. A great help is The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of wood material which confirms that wood is sourced responsibly. Thanks to that producers as well as customers can make more informative purchases.

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