The roots of timeless Shaker style furniture

Have you heard about the Shaker style in interior design? For sure, you did! It is a trend which gains massive popularity all over the world and the original Shaker style furniture is perceived to be the finest in the word.

What exactly is Shaker style?

Shaker style is a trend in furniture design which distinguishes:

  • Material: Shaker furniture is usually made of cherry, maple or pine wood.
  • Colours: the furniture is typically painted in blue, red, yellow or green.
  • Style: clean, simple and minimalist design.
  • Details: recessed doors and characteristic wooden mushroom-shaped knobs.

Shaker Style Wardrobe

The roots of Shaker style

Unexpectedly, shaker style is deeply rooted in religion. The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing was founded about 1747 in England. Because of their ecstatic worship rituals, they were also called Shaking Quakers. The time between 1820 and 1860 is the golden age of Shakers as their community recruited the highest number of believers. As a part of their business activity, Shaking Quakers produced furniture. In XIX century, they became famous about their design, which was deeply influenced by the key principles of their belief: honesty, simplicity, and utility. They achieved high-quality of furniture thanks to hard work, which, they believed, is an act of praising the God.

One of the greatest representants of Shakers is Tabitha Babbitt who had a great input in woodworking industry. She is believed to be the inventor of the circular saw, the false teeth, the spinning wheel head and the process of manufacturing the “cut nails”.

Shaker Style Furniture

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