The advantages & disadvantages of kitchen island layout

Kitchen island layout, called also a block kitchen, is a relatively new trend in the interior design of kitchens. Their popularity grows as they provide many extras such as some additional storage and working space. However, the island layout will not always be the right choice. In this article, we go through the most common benefits and disadvantages of kitchen islands.

Island kitchen

The pros of kitchen island layout.

Getting the kitchen layout right is one of the most important planning tasks, especially in the context of bespoke joinery services where kitchen units are made to measure and their installation requires a qualified team. It is a choice which will influence our comfort for a long time. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the kitchen island layout.


1. The kitchen island extends available working space.

One of the greatest benefits of the kitchen island is an additional counter space with a versatile character. It could be used equally as a food preparation area, live cooking space, or for dining with friends. The limit is only our imagination.

2. The kitchen island is great to integrate appliances.

The kitchen island is a great idea for the integration of appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Having them in close reach can increase productivity regarding the kitchen work triangle conception. The idea of the kitchen triangle assumes that if the key kitchen appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove) are close enough to reduce the number of steps, the work in the kitchen becomes more efficient. 

Kitchen triangle layout

3. Kitchen island can add value to the property. 

Kitchen islands are a great WOW factor for the potential buyers as they simply add some storage space and make the kitchen look more organised and interesting. Cleverly designed island with trendy colours can influence the character of the entire kitchen and living space. 

4. Extra storage space.

Cupboard space and drawers can be easily integrated into the kitchen island. It is a great opportunity to organise all the crockery, utensils or spices.


Clever storage solutions


5. Kitchen island can serve as a dining table.

The kitchen island can serve as a table perfectly because it is in a central point of the kitchen and is usually placed just under the source of light. The adaptation would require providing chairs to add some dining room vibe and ensuring there is enough overhang from the countertop.

6. Kitchen island is perfect for foodies who like to entertain friends.

If you are a foodie and love cooking, then the kitchen island is a great solution for you. This layout allows the host to face guests, family members instead of facing the wall while preparing food. That gives much more opportunities for interaction. With an addition of some music, one can enjoy entertaining friends and live cooking or even vlogging.


The kitchen island as a dining table


7. Versatility in case of a portable kitchen island.

In some circumstances, it might be good to choose a portable kitchen island. It still has almost all the benefits of a stationary one. The major difference is appliance fitting. Since the oven or refrigerator require some wiring or pipework, it may limit the possibilities of movement. The same in case of the sink. Despite this, a portable kitchen island can still serve as a great additional storage space in the kitchen or a movable breakfast bar.

Are there any cons of kitchen island layout?

Yes, there are. The kitchen island will not fit perfectly into every type of the kitchen. Islands are used mainly in open space kitchens and one wall kitchens. Kitchen islands require a good portion of space around to ensure everybody can move freely. That excludes their presence from small kitchens. If the island is placed in a closed space it might interrupt, as mentioned earlier, the kitchen work triangle. As the island integrates appliances and sinks, its installation will often require some additional wiring and plumbing. This will increase the cost.

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